Monday, December 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes = Kidding there is still snow on the ground. i was just day dreaming about summer and having windows open and sitting outside for over an hour watching Emma....
Plus I like this picture ha ha.

In reality we went out in the snow. I do have a chair I keep out all winter but I don't last long. Like I said we play fetch, i watch her explore and then I stand in the patio door so she gets more time. She does get me outside in the winter and that is good for me.

I love nature, Emma helps me appreciate nature. The clean white snow, cool crisp wind, and the artistry of the trees when there are no leaves on them. I love admiring the shapes of the trees, with the twist and turns of the branches. Emma sniffs where rabbits and deer have passed and causes me to notice tracks. See how she helps me enjoy winter?

As a child we lived walking distances from two city parks. Both had nice warming houses so we would go ice skating and sliding a lot. A warming house might be part of an existing building or the unique ones were built just to exist during the winter season. Rustic but nice and warm for snow lovers. With my own children we went sliding mostly.

I never skiied except cross country. I liked it but was busy with kids and did not pursue it. never tried down hill. And in this winter wonderland of Mn never was on a snow mobile either. but I can enjoy the snow...

The cold seemed to come back to me so I am fighting a cough but vertigo is much decreased...all I need is more energy to tackle things that were put on hold during the severe vertigo. I will not complain. i have my Emma and that is a good thing.

Any season, Emma brightens my days.....have a great day - Mary and Emma

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