Friday, December 3, 2010


Emma is enjoying more fresh snow. They say five inches so far? I haven't measured but enough for Emma to enjoy. Greg might not like snow plowing when he gets home from work and is not home yet at 10:20 pm. A work event. He spent part of the day with us. MS dr is trying some medication to see if that helps me deal with the vertigo - yeah. Home tomorrow but plans for Sunday if i feel okay.

Emma playing in the snow. Play hard and then nap good and the cycle continues. She also works hard. Boy when you have vertigo you sure appreciate your dog more than ever picking things up and bringing things to Greg for me and all her skills.

The pictures are not new but worth repeating. A snow late afternoon and night for us.

Emma peers out the window or patio door at times. Is she thinking "Boy this is Just Great".

Have fun in the snow if you have it where you live. Otherwise enjoy the weekend where you live.

Thanks for reading.

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