Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spa Time for Emma

Emma was groomed today. They take good care of her and said she was excellent. She of course hates her nails clipped. Teeth brushed, washed, dried, trimmed up a bit, and brushed some more...she looks like she has lost weight and is so pretty.

We have had Rosa this afternoon and overnight. She is good to Emma. We went to the movie Tangled and Emma was perfect. The many children in the theater were amazed to see a dog present. The staff there see us once in awhile so always greet us warmly. I was proud of Emma.

Rosa liked the movie a great deal. She climbed in my lap or Grandpa's in the scary parts. The movie was pretty, music joyful, entertaining and well received by the audience. One child (not Rosa) cried when it was over because she didn't want it to stop.
she calmed down though when everyone was leaving.

We have such fun when the granddaughters come over or our kids. We appreciate playing with Rosa so much. Time with her is truly a gift for us. I love hearing her play and also playing with her. We were playing vet with a gift I got her for Christmas. Her favorite stuffed animal needed a check up as he hasn't been feeling well. It is so interesting to hear how she interprets what a animal doctor would say and do. I enjoy being with children and always

Wishing you sweet dreams!! Even Rosa noticed how fresh and great Emma looked today.

Mary and Emma

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