Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emma's Skills

Emma and i are reviewing some of the cues that I don't use so much. Practicing "look" was a suggestion from Wendi at Helping Paws that I am finding is keeping her sharp on whatever I want her to do next. We practiced "put" also and she was awesome - I just so often have her "give" things to me instead of using "put" it on a specific place

She does great on helping me take off my socks, so "pull", "bring" and "give" all work well in any situation. She does well at the cues when in a scooter or walker or with my cane. Those position cues of "side, heel, around, back, all go well. We should review the M & M sequence (I think they called it that( which helps review all those and the in front cues. She knows how to go ahead of me too but rare I need that.

In any case we are reviewing the list we have from training to be sure we are practicing them. Wendi was helpful as when I go out with Jan on Fridays - Emma won't stay under the table in a drop. She stands, she paces, and sometimes goes out to the aisle. This is NEW behavior and only there or just maybe once or twice in another situation. Normally and I mean 99% of all locations she lays down great till the meal is over or mtg. She does know when i get my purse it is probably time to go and might stand then without being told (working on that too). I don't know why this situation is tough on her.

Well I won't explain what all we talked about in our longer conversation. What I am going to do is be sure she has her blankie to lay on (this helps) and see if sitting elsewhere there is better (bigger booth or table). Also IF it happens elsewhere see if there atre any similarities or differences when she does great. She will have the chance to test out that behavior at two events this weekend.

At home we have been working on her drop and stays too. We have had fun with her toys practicing all her skills. She is a wonderful companion. When things don't work I try to sort out is it human (me) error or her error. She knows us so well and visa versa that sometimes we use our normal language and she get's confused. Once in awhile I catch myself and stop to use doggy language cues if needed to redefine the behavior I am looking for her to show me.

I am so tired today that we napped and I hope to go to bed early. She was curious as i wrapped presents for the family tonight. I did not get hers yet. She seems to enjoy cuddling up as we watch Christmas Shows or listen to Christmas Music.

Take good care,

Love Mary and Emma

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