Monday, December 27, 2010

A Relaxing Day

We had a relaxing day at home monday. Greg is off and enjoyed being home the entire day!! Rare for him to be able to do that. Emma had fun outdoors in the snow, playing with us indoors, napping with us, and just hanging out with us.

We watched a netflix movie - Old Dogs. My son generously putchased us an apple tv so we can do various things like connect to the internet through our tv, to radio, and more. We are learning what we can do with it. It is a surprising fun thing to have.
My husband and children also surprised me with gift cards so that I could purchase an ipad and also applications for it. I will use it for reading books alot and there can adjust the font to what I want. I have had fun today and last night learning how to use it. They spoiled me this Christmas and really really really surprised me also. My husband has been saving for months.

He saved by skipping lunches out and saving this and that in cash in a jar in the garage so I wouldn't see it. He also lost weight not eating out...truly. Long story but I was so pleased. The gifts aren't the issue as much as the depth of my family's generosity and hard work to make them possible this year. They were so excited about it all.

There Presence would always be present enough. Last year we surprised Greg with a new tv. Both the tv and the ipad will be used by both of us.

Heard a friend I am meeting for breakfast tomorrow, with my sister too just lost her dog to death. She died at home on Christmas Day. I feel so bad for her....can't think of what to do to express my sympathy.

I had a long nap today as I woke up in the night so started reading on the ipad. You can download books on it. Now off to bed. Sure was great to have Greg home today.

Emma is doing just great. She is looking at me like she knows it must be bedtime due to our routine.

Hope you get some relaxing time this week....Mary and Emma

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