Sunday, December 26, 2010



Today at church they talked about family.
Emma of course is part of my family.
I have four children and their two spouses
My two lovely granddaughters (sisters)

We had a lovely Christmas Day

Every day though, not just holidays
I am so grateful to God for my family
My close friends and extended family as well

those friend with MS who support me and help me feel less crazy
those friends from Helping Paws who clearly understand my love for Emma

Today I am taking the day off
from needed chores, hopefully from worries
I am going to capture this day with joy
I am going to dwell on gratitude

I am going to enjoy time with Greg and Emma...

Thanks for your role in my life,
You help me every day reflect on goodness
On the blessing of my Angel Emma

May you have a day full of gratitude,

Mary and Emma

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