Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

We went to a wonderful Mass at our church again today. The music was outstanding so I am mentioning it. We met old and new friends....many wanted to ask about the dog.

After we did some errands. Emma walked Fleet Farm and Cub Foods. Again we met many people interested in the dog. We met a few familiar with Helping Paws. I like to thank them personally for their financial support and I think it means a lot to them to see a dog in action. Emma's favorite thing to do today was retrieve my gloves. We really put some effort into educating the public while we were out. Emma made a big hit. In our case, we educate one or two people at a time.

Emma was out several times in the yard but it was cold. We took turns watching her from the patio door. Greg took her in the morning and when I napped. She happily bounded in and joined me those times. She plays and stops to watch where we are when we are at the door. She doesn't tend to be out as long when it is cold.

I have received nice notes and emails. We are okay since the accident...thanks for your concern. It means a lot to me. We also think Emma is shedding some weight (wish it was me) that is good. The vet wanted her a bit thinner. So good for Emma. I should eat only when she measured it out for me twice a day and see if I lost weight.

We also met at church some people from my childhood. The parents were there who lived across the street. There son plays in the choir , the violin. I never recognized him before his parents were there. We sure had a good chat about the old neighborhood and things.

Well we had a full day. Greg spoiled me again and made supper. HE is the best.
I think the few chores I hoped to get done today may wait till tomorrow. Despite the rest, I feel tired out today.

our day was good, hope you are starting out the New Year in a positive way. Sending you happy thoughts --\

Emma and Mary

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