Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Me Out and About

Emma gives me more confidence when I am out and about.
She also gives me motivation as I know it is good for her to get exercise (indoors or out)
We were just outside = it was a bit cold for me but good to get some fresh air.
I let Emma be out longer than me as I watched from indoors - she loves time in her yard.

Emma gives me confidence in stores as she can pick up things for me, she also draws people to look at "her" and not me in a scooter, wheel chair, or walker. Most stores I can use electric carts.

We also do a lot of education and promoting Helping Paws when out and about. Normally, I do have time to answer people's questions. In stores, at events, church etc. Emma makes me proud. She is so good and people notice that and her beautiful appearance. She will be 8 this month but looks just great! We get many compliments on her appearance. It is fun to take her with no mater what the opportunity is to get out of the house.

We are home today, all day I think. The weather is not as cold as the weekend though it feels plenty cold to me. I am so glad she has the fenced in yard. Thanks to the volunteers who helped make that happen.

MY THOUGHT FOR THE DAY IS TO BE GRATEFUL THAT I CAN GET OUT AND ABOUT. Some people with MS end up in nursing homes. I have an older relative who gets out less and less due to physical aging and circumstances. I am so glad, that though I don't drive, my friends, husband, children, and Metro Mobility make it possible for me to get out of the house. Sometimes I think I am in the house too many days in a row - but when I feel good I am glad for the balance of home and going out times.

I am appreciative for my health even with my limitations. I am able to live in my own home and mamage. This week we have swimming and water exercise twice. I am reading a book for bookclub (gets my mind out of the house ha ha)....I am so fortunate for so many rerasons.

So Emma and i are graterful today for opportunities we get to go places and quiet times at home too. We need both to make the best out of our days with my MS and other health issues. thank God we can be in our nice cozy home.

May you notice your abilities today with a grateful heart.

Mary and Emma

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