Friday, January 14, 2011

Sleepy time with a friend

Sleepy Time

Thurs night I went to bed at 5 pm and slept till morning. Okay got up once to eat a bit of toast because I had not eaten supper. I don't know why I was so tired. The day included going to the MS Specialist and some errands with Greg so no nap. But my gosh it is weird to realize you slept so long. Emma slept with me much of the time and Greg took her out as needed.

I am slow moving today too. More snow tonight - gosh this has been a snowy winter and Emma has such fun in it. She seems more sleepy today too and not sure why.

I plan to write more later. Emma was great at the MS Doctor office. They have treats for service dogs and of course remember me because of Emma. I will be going there more often as they watch carefully how my optic nerves are doing (might need to try change of medicine) and other things. The MRI showed more MS activity again. I just have to take it one day, week, month and year at a time to see how this progresses.

Hopefully more later...can't think of what to write...Mary

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