Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Love Letter

Dear Emma,

thanks for your presence again in my life today. Your enthusiasm in the morning when I wake up brightens even a winter morning. Your excitement when we go outside to go to a counseling appointment is also apppreciated. You behave so well both in the waiting room and the office. You show off your ability to be attentive and yet quiet when needed. What do you think of when you lay there while I jabber away? You are so special.

You were great on the metro mobility bus. It is not your favorite but today we were the only riders at that time so came straight home. It was nice to get home so quickly. More time outdoors and I marvel at your excitement. You sure have to run in that yard to see if any rabbits or squirrels are either in the yard or even just in view. Wow you seem to be tough and proud that you can make them run.

I talk to you so much while I am home with you...whether we are alone or not. You are such good company. I like caring for you and how you care for me! Sometimes I think you must tell time ha ha. Not only time to eat seems to be programed into you - but also time to nap. You seem to know when we need to head to a short or long afternoon nap. Your warmth snuggled next to me is like a sleeping pill.

Tonight we went to the grocery store with Greg. You did great as I deliberately practices some turns, get the leash, find Greg, get the leash, sit, stay, drop all with the distractions that arise in a store situation. I was so proud of you. Last night by the way i heard you helped Greg pick up newspapers and a few things while I went to bed early. Usually you are with me but thanks for helping me by doing that.

I got involved in a conversation with a kindly gentleman while waiting for the metromobility. He has a lab that looks like you only bigger. It was such fun to share our love of animals, how great each of our dogs are, and to educate him on how many things you have been trained to do. One of his is still a puppy and I bet is getting some extra training ideas due to our conversation about what you learned to do.

Every day I am thankful for you Emma. Tonight is seems even more the focus of my thoughts. I think pets are such a blessing and you are so much more than any pet could be. I thank God for you. I think he sends "angels to help us" and you are one of mine. You are snuggled at my feet - cuddling in on a cold winter night.

do you think about tomorrow? I do, and I know it will be easier because I will have you with me - no matter what we do.

Love you Emma, Mary

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