Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snowy Sunday Night

Hi All,

I guess right now I just can't muster what it takes to write every day. I have been more fatigued and forget or can't think of what to write. Keep checking in though I don't plan to stop blogging.

Emma loves that snow is falling. i watched her play just now. We had a nice day. We were home much of it. We did go to lunch at Olive Garden with friends. We had kind an odd placed table and it was crowded. She was more visible because she really couldn't get "under" the table. Instead she was on the side of my chair. The people in surrounding tables complimented me on her behavior. She also did very well considering we were so close to a busy aisle. Certainly not the best seatting arrangement for us but she did well.

One gentleman was so excited to come see us. He apparently gives to helping paws, and was thrilled to see a dog in action in his community. This time my friends volunteered information on how helpful she was and I did also. My friends are so supportive of Emma and appreciate her relationship with me. We had a nice time and then headed home to rest. Like I said, i have been so tired.

those of you with MS, I just can't wait to be on ampyra again. We are waiting for insurance approval. I notice the difference in how far I can walk, I am steadier, stairs are easier, and I just feel stronger. It does not help everyone wiht MS but it sure has helped me and a few friends of mine. But I also know people who find it does not help at all. Well I think I have mentioned that before.

Emma helped with laundry, some picking up, and snuggled with me today too. Greg worked a long day and boy do I like both her help but her company. I wonder what she thinks when I talk so much to her? Her tail wags so she at least likes the attentions. It is surprising to me how much she does seem to know what I mean - not just the cues/commands that she knew when she first entered my life.

It is suppose to snow a lot. 6-8 inches? I think anyway. I am so tired I can't think - better go to bed.

Have a good week. Mary

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