Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please Think about This

Deat Readers,

I want to keep writing this blog and I will.
However, I do find some days I forget or just can't figure out what to write.
I assure you for my own sake I plan to keep writing.
It is good for me to reflect on life and
it is especially enjoyable to have a venue to share information about my wonderful Emma.
Please be patient if I miss a day or too and don't give up on me!! OK?

I have been writing for 5 and one half years.
Yep I have had Emma that long.
So I am also open to ideas and questions if you have them.
I started hoping to educate and explore what it really is like to have a service dog!

Now i have some of the same readers and less readers over time.
If there are questions/topics you have please email me.
Don't send me spam please or requests about your businesses.
I am trusting it will be used only to offer suggestions or questions.

Emma's birthday is Sunday and my dear will be 8.

I do plan to write more later (I have and idea and time yeah) but have to run now.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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