Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Loong Ride Home

I am very fortunate that Metro Mobility is an option for me when I need to go places. Due to the help of friends and family i use it only about once a week or less. Today was the day.

For those who know the Metro Area picture this - I was in Blaine and went home via Round Lake (about 30 min the wrong direction) almost to Andover. They had to pick up a woman there headed my direction. She was going to Crystal Mn.
Well gosh despite the loong ride - a surprise - she was a friend from MS Camp. I was so glad to see her. We chatted on the ride.
What good fortune.

Emma was glad to get home off the bus. She enjoyed time in the yard playing and sniffing around in the snow. She really enjoys the snow.

We were home all afternoon and like almost always were home in the evening. Nothing exciting to repost.

I think I have a bit of the holiday let down or something. Seems so cold, gets dark early, and I don't get out as much. Then today my thought is BE HAPPY FOR MY HOME. I am cozy and warm and that is a lot to be thankful for. Plus I share it with Greg and Emma...

Time to snuggle in my warm bed with Emma at my feet....may you be thank filled for your home.

Have a great day,

Mary and Emma

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