Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Friend Michael and Emma

This is a picture of a friend named Michael and Emma. It was Michael's 15th birthday when it was taken. I use to tutor him in reading for a few years. It included the first year I had Emma. He has loved Emma all these years. He use to read to Emma during our tutoring session. Emma was a good listener.

As good fortune would have it, I knew him because he was the brother of my Becky's boyfriend. Well now they married so he is Becky's brother in law. We do see him and he is always delightful especially with Emma. At his party he took Emma outside in the snow. They had such fun. Michael told me that Emma showed him a whole new meaning to having fun in the snow. I treaure this picture.

So now I can put pictures from my camera on this site again. Now I better take more. I would take more of Emma in the snow but she blends in, moves fast, and even if I get her to sit and stay - well my hand tremors so some don't turn out ha ha.

It snowed today so of course she was delighted. Greg was off for one day after a 73 hour work week. She got outside a lot with him or with me. We also had a date night. She was well behaved (no surprise). We had a very generous gift card from Becky and her husband to use. It was fun.

I have been having trouble sleeping at night. Today I took a big nap and also tried to do some relaxing things. I have so much trouble with anxiety. Emma helps with that too. I think I will sleep better tonight. I hope so anyway. Emma even looks tired in the morning when I am up and down at night. She very kindly gets up with me.

They said on the news in February we will really notice getting more hours of daylight each week. That should help my mood. I like four seasons but this seems like a long winter to me. Thank you to Greg and my friends that I do get out of the house for events.

We had such a relaxing dinner, no distractions, no preparation, no dishes. A good day for all.

Hope you have a good day. Mary and Emma

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