Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Sad Day

Someone very dear to us lost her father to death today. He took his own life. It is so sad and he was a good man. We have cried a lot. Emma keeps snuggling me knowing something is wrong. He was around our age

The death is so sad and brings back memories of some other individuals I loved who also died due to depression and the act of suicide. It is just so awful to deal with.

I chose to write this because I want all of you to remember how special you are. I know this individual has/had no idea how many people would be hurt by his absence. I don't pretend to know what was going through his mind. I do know when anyone dies I typically recognize they could never know how many lives they have impacted in their life.

Your life is so important. You touch so many people. More than you could ever imagine. Your smile, your laughter, your insights, your greetings, your time together is so valued by others. Please don't forget how important you are and special. Remember whatever the problems that you can reach out and get help from those who love you and professionals.

My children are impacted by this too. We are trying to support our dear friend, her family and each other.

Please please don't ever forget that you are special to so many.

Emma and Mary

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