Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi to All,

It is so cold here that even Emma goes out quickly to do her 'duty' and then rushes back in. She is not eager to be out when temps are below zero and windy. It was a good day to cuddle in and take a nap.

We did go to water exercise. For the first time ever (in five and a half years) Emma got up from her stay (laying on a towel) and greeted me at the side of the pool. My friends were concerned she would jump in. I knew she wouldnt and I was correct. I quickly went over to her. It was the end of class so I don't know if she thought "Everyone else is getting out so I will get ready to go?" Normally she stays there so nice till i get out and tell her to "stand". No harm done.

Monday I rested all day so it was good to get out of the house with friends and to exercise. We can do that twice a week. I would be happy to go three times a week but the class is only offered twice a week. Also getting rides is sometimes a hassle. So twice a week works out nicely for us.

We got in a discussion at lunch that will surprise you dog lovers. Two people without pets (there were 7 of us) were listening to us and said "tell me why you have pets". They seemed to think that the issue of dealing with pet waste (dog or cats) grooming, and all were not worth the effort. We tried to describe the companionship, cuddling, and so on that a pet brings. One did concede that if she had a helper dog like Emma it might be worth it. It is always curious to me why some people seem born to be pet lovers and others are not.

Well I need to head to bed with my dear Emma, Greg seems to go to bed later than us on almost all nights.

Have a good Wed.

Mary and Emma

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