Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crisis at the Pool Today

Well I finally got out of the house. I look like a person with a seeing eye dog due to my dark glasses. I am wearing them in the house too. They did give me medication for iritis in both eyes. I have had it before. It is painful in the eyes and gives a horrid headache too. Takes time to get over . I also might have had a virus as I ached all over and was feverish and things. I do feel a little better except for the eyes and headache.

We did go to water exercise . This time is was upsetting to Emma and I. A dear friend there who is a retired teacher volunteers to help on the MS class. He helps a woman who can only use her arms to swim at this point. He has helped her nearly ten years as her abilities decline. He swims right with her, helps move her legs for some exercise and so on. Well she wasn't there today so he helped out generally.

Then he went to the hot tub and stayed in to long. I Think he passed out. They got him out of the water and tried to cool him off. He did gradually become alert. The police came but the paramedics in an ambulance took too long in my estimation. I think over 20 min or more. Well his blood pressure was way too low but he would not give permission to go by ambulance. I think he should have. The police even asked that as a friends if we would ask him to get in the ambulance. No luck and you can't force someone over 18. When I talked to him he asked to see Emma (he likes her) and I let him pet her. I even said that we would ride with another women Karen and meet him at the hospital to wait till his family came.

Emma's behavior was outstanding but you could tell by her expressive face she knew something was wrong. Well it is a longer story but he would not go at all. Finally I had some food with me and sprite in case of diabetes low blood sugar. Well he ate that and they brought him to another place in the Y (away from the pool humidity) where it wasn't so darn worm. Another man who is retired comes to help his wife with MS. So they were going to sit even longer with him and then drive him home. When we left he promised he would let them call 911 and go to the hospital if he didn't get better in 30 more minutes. I have not heard more so assume he is home safe and sound.

The paramedics did stay to make sure he could walk without fainting and talk and helped him dress. So by the time we left he had sat at least an hour in the cooler temp. Once I had trouble in a hot tub when I was pregnant and gosh didn't realize how overwhelmed I was by the heat in a short amt of time. I didn't know better 32 years ago. But after seeing how it impacted him I am sure I will never go in that hot tub. Not with MS and on blood pressure medication also.

I sat by this gentlemen with Emma for at least 30 min after he was dressed and more steady. I can tell you she was so comforting. We all were just shocked that he wouldn't get in the ambulance despite everyone trying to get him to do so. One person even said she would pay for the ambulance if he would go (and she meant it). I don't think he could think straight.

I can tell you I would get in the ambulance. My mother once fell badly and refuse to let them take her by ambulance due to cost. A neighbor got her into her home from outside and the ambulance crew left. Then she got worse and realized how much pain she was in. So my brother came and ended up calling an ambulance anyway and she needed to be admitted.

One of my friends said tearfuly it happened to her dad once and he insisted on going home. Got home and passsed out and layed on the floor 24 hours in his house till he was found. He died in that hospitalization. Had he gone into the ambulance he probably could have lived more years.

So this woman/writer is telling you I would get in the ambulance. None of us nor the Y knew how to reach his children or wife and he wouldn't tell us any phone numbers. It really shook us up. We have swam 10 years twice a week with him and chat.

Anyway. Hope if your friends, the police, medics, and staff tell you that you need to be checked at a hospital that you will go in. It was so upsetting as he clearly seemed to need to go in.

I am hoping no news is good news tonight.

Thanks that Emma is trained to be comfortable around people in uniform. She has in fact been there a few times when I had to go in an ambulance. She has never ridden with me though. She has been in ER with me several times also.

It was heart wrenching when he wouldn't go but very very calm. I compliment the YMCA staff, the police, the paramedics and my classmates for being calm. We stayed out of the way till they asked three of us to go over and talk to him about going in the ambulance.

Thanks I needed to vent and remind all to be careful of hot tubs. Remember he was older but did not have MS.

Have a good day when you read this. This helped teach us how deep our friendships are with those we swim with and have known for 10 years. Mary and Emma

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