Sunday, February 27, 2011

The morning/day after

Emma and I are tired after yesterday's birthday party but it was so much fun. After the doggy sleepover Lily was so glad to see her family. When she left, I think Emma was glad to have all our attention. She is so use to all my attention it would take awhile for her to adjust to another dog in our daily life. She did absolutely fine with Lily. Both dogs were so well behaved. It was fun to have Lily (my granddog with us)

I am thinking today of how important it is to have support of family and friends. I know we have beeb blessed to have support for me with the MS. I know when Greg has had cancer our friends and family got us through the surgeries and recovery times.
Through all the struggles and bumps in the road of life. I think we have been blessed to both give and receive support to others.

I think sometimes it is easier to be the "giver" of support to others. At least for Greg and I. We have several friends who are going through difficult times in their families due to death, or illness, or financial struggles in this economy. We have found phone calls, cards of support, invitations to come over, providing meals, and other things like that are just great ways for us to help. And we are pleased to do it. I think we are called by our faith to do so for others. It is with joy we can open our heart to others in times of need. It does something positive to our spirit to help others - it is positive experience for us.

We have also been on the "receiving" end in times of struggle. We have Greg's siblings and their families which is like an arm of support in hard times. We have my family, friends, and neighbors who have shown us such kindness in times of need. Both emotional support, the gift of presence and so much more. One of my friends who just had her spouse die suddenly, I have to remind her that it is okay to receive help and support in times of need. People want to help. It is sometimes so difficult to admit you need help and to take it.

I remind this friend that she would be the first to help others. This time it is her turn to graciously accept offers of help. It is a way to share love.

My children also show me time and time again that they are generous in giving help to others. In so many ways big and small. I am so proud of them. I admire them for making choices that demonstrate that they too understand part of life is helping others through life's struggles. It is their friend who lost her dad suddenly and at a young age. Life can be so difficult at times. But with the help of others we get through the tough day at a time.

I feel blessed to live with support and to be able to give support....

Emma is wanting to go outside so off we go. May you have the support you need in times of struggle and may you be generous in helping others in times of need. One day at a time...with friends and family we can handle the bumps and joys of our journey in life...

Mary and Emma wish you a good week.

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