Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This will be short. I have not been feeling well. I think I have iritis again. Eye problems, senstive to light and a terrible headache. Slept a lot the past three days thinking I just over did last week. It might be something else as germs are around. I will contact my neurologist tomorrow and keep taking it easy. I had iritis in the summer and drops gradually make it better.

For me part of MS is the health issues but I can deal with it though I complain some. Hopefully not that much. Don't worry I will keep you posted and get out of the house when I feel better. Then we will have some stories to share.

I am still sure Emma can tell when my blood sugar gets low. She starts licking me even if I am sleeping. i get up and sure enough the blood sugar is low. I know when I am up she can probably tell from my body language but am impressed when I sleep through meals or if I am just laying there due to the headache and eye pain. What a girl.

Greg is spoiling me at night when he is home. Nice he was home a bit early for him tonight. A belated Happy Valentine's Day to all. Don't worry if I don't write for a few days. This will get better.

Emma and Mary

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