Friday, February 18, 2011

Hi On Friday

The weather was in the 50's and now back to 20's.
This reality is physically hard on Emma.
I mean it literally.

Emma is the puppy who loves the snow
loves to dig into the snow with her face
loves to com up all snowy and excited
loves the snow in so many ways.

Well the snow piles are much smaller
and covered with ice from the melting and refreezing.

Emma tried so hard today each time she was out to dig
her face into the luck. Just hard snow.

I guess fresh snow is predicted so that will be good for her.
The rest of us have spring fever from the taste of nicer weather.

We went to the movie "unknown" today. It was wonderfully suspenseful and
not gory. I really liked it. I went with some MS friends and they all enjoyed it.
Emma was awesome of course.

I wasn't sure how the movie would be with my eyes.
The dark theater was nice and I wore dark glasses so I was okay
The distraction was better than sitting at home thinking about how my eyes
hurt or my headache. Good choice to get out of the house.

Emma is the best companion and helper ever. The movie is such fun. There were more people than normal.
They always look puzzled if they see me come in with the dog.
They look amazed at the end of the show if they didn't realize a dog was there.
She gets many many compliments.
The workers there now recognize us and admire her.

Emma you are awesome.

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