Friday, February 4, 2011

Funny Emma

Picture this - I will try to get a photo.

I am on the couch watching tv with a comforter on. Not sick or anything - just need the extra warmth. i was eating chicken and yep I will admit that I gave Emma a small amount. (Normally I eat at the table and do NOT give her table scraps). She liked it
Well I think she liked it a lot. Now remember this while I add another note.

One of Emma's skills is getting me the blanket so that I stay warm. The exact blanket that I had "on" while on the couch. Can you guess what she did?

Yep, she took my blanket "off". I think she thought then she would put it "on" and get a treat. Which does often happen when she gives me the blanket she gets a doggie treat.

Next, you guessed it, she put the blanket "on" me by lifting it to the couch. I adjusted it so I was warm again.

Well that little dickens pulled it "off" again. Promptly brought it to put ON again. Yep this puppy wanted a treat. A doggie treat from her dog food would due just fine.

She is so funny. We ended this game by saying enough and not long after I did have her retrieve something for me and she received a small treat. The other reason this is cute is i find Emma is not a service dog that needs many treats to be rewarded for her behavior. In fact sometimes I think I am too rarely in treating her.

Safe to say getting me the blanket is one she will happily do for me. I just have to reinforce leaving it there and not taking it off again and again. Silly Emma.

Greg is off today. She had extra time out playing in the snow and boy that amused her. It is so fun to watch her play. Now she is into diving into the snow drifts like she is burrowing into them.

My MS friends and I are looking forward to camp and talking about it awhile. It is not till May but fun to think about.

Hope to have some pictures later today or tomorrow.

Mary and Emma

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