Monday, February 21, 2011

So Much Snow

Though I did little, it was a stressful day. Lots of snow to deal with and the snow blower broke. Greg could not get out of the driveway till 6 pm. My son, Michael, handled the shoveling/plowing at Greg's work since Greg could not get in to direct things. He is such a hard worker. He also at the end of the day was able to pick up a belt for our sm/med size snow blower. Greg will have to get it tomorrow. The streets are too bad for Mike to get out her easily and other conflicts too.

Greg went out in shifts to tackle the snow of over 10inches but not over do. Boy we miss having kids that live at home. We don't have kids the right age in the neighborhood to help shovel anymore either. Long story. By nightfall Greg had most the driveway done. We have one neighbor who can help at times but has his own health issues with bad knees. Anyway he kindly came over to help at the end of the driveway where the city snow plow made such a deep pile. Oh we are getting sick of this snow. When you get this much snow it is really a pain. More is coming later in the week they say.

Emma of course had lots of fun. That is a good thing. I knew somehow it would all work out but that is a lot of physical effort for Greg to handle alone.. Mike would have come over tonight but we called him when things were finished. Glad to spare him driving on slippery roads after a long day for him.

this also pinpoints one of the many issues of dealing with MS for me. Not being able to help with some things. I just don't have stamina to do the amount of chores I did before being disabled. And I mean in the house. I am limited to what I can do. Having me try to shovel would be silly when navigating it all is tough for me anyway. I feel like Greg has such a heavy load around here. He says I do more than I realize and the little things I can do add up. He is a great guy.

I did fold laundry (it seems to never end) and had to rest my eyes in the dark with dark glasses on all the time. Gosh they are so irritated. We needed both a morning and afternoon rest/nap today again. I shouldn't complain as I have it pretty nice in some ways. But honestly I wish I could do more to help with our household. And sorry to complain but the pain of this infection in the eye really amazes me. Usually I can really handle a lot of pain. But I remember from last time that soon it will be better.

Emma helped pick up things, likes to bring me a blanket, and has been just awesome today. She is such a great dog.

Well we are sick of the snow though kids off school had lots of fun. It was a holiday for Presidents Day though likely they would have cancelled school due to this heavy snowfall for sure. Even the Universities cancelled classes in most cases and that is rare

I have a nice warm house so should not complain. We like our new snowblower and it manages the smaller snow falls just fine.
Let's hope this is our last really big one!

Drive safe if you were hit by this MN storm. Wish Emma could shovel but she did help in other ways.

Mary and Emma

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