Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trying to Appreciate My Health

Have been having trouble logging in to post on my blog. We are fine and yeah today it worked.

It is over 40 degrees and feels like a heat wave in MN. I have a few windows open for awhile to get in some fresh air. The sun is shinning. Emma has enjoyed multiple trips outdoors already this morning with Greg and then with me.

Yesterday was very nice also. Had the windows down in our car as we went places. Started with a wonderful lunch with some friends from church. It was such fun We enjoyed it so much we were there almost two hours. Emma was so awesome one couple thought we left her at home.

We did some errands too. We were gone almost six hours total. Emma was patient and had to eat her dinner late. That is typically tough for her but she again did great. She got some exercise too. It was a great great day.

We have many friends and relatives who are sick. I had so many bad news emails yesterday. It makes me grateful that I only have MS to deal with. I am also glad my children are doing okay and grandchildren also.

MS is no picnic but yesterday was a good day. It also is not terminal so I can be happy about that. Today we will be home all day. I will need a nap after so much activity yesterday and that is fine. No big plans today at all. I do have a book I want to start also.Some laundry needs folding - but we will stick to only those quiet things and trips outside of course too,

I will write more later I think. Emma is a wonderful companion. We look forward to a quiet and relaxing day

Mary and Emma

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