Friday, February 25, 2011

Doggie Sleepover

Lily, my grand dog, is sleeping over. So far, it is going great. Both dogs are mostly sleeping. They are together here sometimes or at my son's house - but never overnight. All is going fine. It is fun for me to have both their company as I cook for the birthday party tomorrow. I am doing fine. I do have to pick up some and that is not as enjoyable. The meal is simple so not much to do tonight. Greg is making some of it.

We had a good day. We took a later morning nap to handle a busier afternoon schedule. My son and his wife took me to do his errands when they brought the dog out. Then I met my teacher friend, Jan, after school. (Some of you know her). She is the greatest and we almost always chat once school is out on Friday. Sometimes by phone and often in person. I loved teaching with her at St. John's. I miss teaching but she keeps me realistic about how much work it is. i could never handle it with MS. That is for sure.

Talking with her is fun as sometimes we talk about teaching ideas, and how her day/week went. Having been a teacher I like that conversation. We are great friends. So much in common.

Our night is quiet and that is fine for me. I am making the wild rice for soup. Doing some paperwork, and watching tv. Can't complain at all. When Greg gets home I will help make the Hawaaian Sandwiches (can't spell) that you make a day ahead and marinate. Unless he thinks we should make them early am for our dinner tomorrow night. He insists on making the cake tomorrow. It is a rum bundt cake that he made once for work and likes. Becky is making cupcakes for those who prefer that.
We are all excited.

I am so grateful for family and for feeling pretty good today. My eyes still require me to wear sunglasses even at night in the house with dim lighting. I am trying to wear regular glasses now and then to see if I can get use to that but not yet. Will call the doctor next week if it does not improve. We did have a nice day.

Emma and Lily don't really play. Lily is part beagle so there is a size difference. They do go out together and sleep on the same couch though. They are doing just great.

Please pray for a boy named Evan. He is a teen and son of a friend of mine. He is soon to have another heart surgery and it is very serious due to other medical issues. I believe in prayer, so please join me in praying for him.

Dont know if I will have time to write on Sat. If not, please know we will be busy with family. I love when they all are home with us...

Have a great weekend....Mary Emma and Lily

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