Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow for Emma

I have used this topic a lot this winter. Emma was thrilled to day to dive into the snow and enjoy ten inches or more of the soft stuff. I can say the rest of us are not so thrilled.

The street snow plow went by again in the night leaving a big pile at the end of driveways. My husband started to shovel but a neighbor from up the block must have seen him or driven by. I don't think he could see from the driveway. First, he helped plow enough so Greg could get out for work. Then he came back and did our entire driveway over. He made it wider with his big snow plow. What a nice surprise for us. Greg worked a long 12 hour day so it meant a lot to him too.

Emma and I made it to water exercise. She rested while I did the hour water exercise. My eyes are better and the headaches less but I still need sunglasses inside too. Emma was great. We enjoyed a simple lunch with a few from class and then I got a ride home from a friend. I have such kind friends. We took Metro Mobility there.

I guess the exercise wore me out. I took Emma outside several times today and also played outside with her. But we did get in a good long nap also. I was surprised we slept so long. When she is cuddled up next to me she keeps me warm and I sleep good in the afternoon. I also like her company and help..oh I know i mention it daily. Where would I be without her.

Not sure what is up for tomorrow. Likely home and that is fine. It is suppose to get up to 34 and that means Emma will love it even more. At the Y before going in there is a place I let her play (on a leash) and people admire her antics. She has to put her nose in the snow and romp in it a bit. Just a little fun for her before she watches me in water exercise.

Hope this is our last big snow but March is our snowiest month statistically. We will cope with whatever. Off to bed now.

Have a great day...Mary and Emma

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