Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best of the Best

On Saturday we were pretty sleepy. I had been awake for hours in the night. Emma of course at my side. The wake for our friend that died suddenly was upsetting I guess. So many thoughts on my mind. So I slept late Saturday and we mostly did quiet things during the day.

It was mild out so yes Emma got outside. She also got exercise in late afternoon when we went shopping. She was in tip top shape. Paying attention to me and following directions. She always does great I think but for some reason on this day both Greg and I thought she was "the best of the best" service dog ever. She drew so many compliments.

The grocery store was packed. We thought later on a Saturday would be better. Many people buying pop and snacks for the super bowl game I would assume. We just needed regular things and not as much as normal but it seemed like it took forever. Well anyway, Emma got a lot of walking in as we also went to Menard's. She just is so beautiful and was just great all day. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Sunday, we will be going to the funeral. Emma of course will go with. We live very close to the church. Our kids may stop by after for a bit and some friends too. I don't know if any will stay for the super bowl or not. We will see.

I love this picture of Emma. It is fairly new though I know I have posted some like it. She loves this comforter and looks so cute when she sleeps. Can you tell how awesome she is in my life? I am so glad she got exercise both indoors and outside on Saturday. It is suppose to get colder again this week. We will plan times to take her places so she gets to walk.

We all need angels in our lives. Emma is one of mine. I think she is the best of the best.

May your weekend go well. Call a friend and tell them how much you care about them. Dealing with their shocking, early death is sure not easy. I do have a deep faith and that gives comfort.

Mary and Emma

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