Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowy Sunday Night Again

Wow what a snowy night. Not the first one this season but some places have 15 inches. Not so deep here. It is still snowing so we will see what the snow total is in the morning. Poor Greg worked a long late day/night so faces all the snow in the morning before he heads to work. I can't help with that anymore. So many things he does around here due to my physical limitations, sure makes me feel sad at times.

I am in the pitch black with sun glasses on. For those who have not had iritis it is so weird as even the slightest light is so difficult to handle with your eyes. Lots of pain today but still we made it okay. I napped off and on. Listened to tv, tried to read but only a bit. My daughter suggested getting an audiobook so I might try that tomorrow. A good idea. i can keep my eyes closed and listen. It will get better as days pass and I know that. Meanwhile Emma is so cozy and snuggly that helps lots too.

I think because it was a snowy day and they advised no travel I received phone calls today and that was nice. I am also a mentor to someone with MS who lives out of the area and does not have a lot of support. So I talk with her almost every Sunday to see how she is doing. That is good for me and for her too.

Emma enjoyed having the snow to dive into but it was so windy and vision limited that even she did not stay outside long today. I had to watch from the patio door. I think she will enjoy it tomorrow when things calm down.

We are okay. Hope your week goes well. Mary and Emma

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