Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Days but Spring Memories/Dreams

This has been such a snowy winter in MN. An older friend of mine called it a "Good Ol Fashioned MN Winter". There is certainly snow for sports and it is pretty. Those in southern and northern MN have had a lot more snow. Not sure what they would say. Seems like it is snowing almost every day lately. Here is has been just an inch or so a day but many more inches elsewhere.

Emma loves these fresh dustings of snow. Hurray she must say as she enters the back yard. When we go for water exercise I always let her visit a snowy spot in case she has to go to the bathroom. Today she just enjoyed rolling in the snow - she came up with the snowiest face. Everyone around chuckled.

For the first time ever, Emma got up before I commanded her to at the pool. She walked over to greet me as i got up the stairs. Then she went to sip the water. i stopped her but was surprised. I bring a dish to give her water while I shower. Guess looking at all that water made her thirsty.

All the little children at the YMCA like to wave at Emma. There are classes for young children before our class. The day care children also sometimes go by. She also brings lots of smiles to the adults and teens who go by us as we go in and out of class and the building. I am so proud of her.

I have to admit I wish we had less winter left. I got the application for Majestic Shores which was formerly MS Camp and more like a resort experience held at Camp Courage. I go in May. it is offered in both May and August (you can only go once). You have to MS to attend and they have many many wonderful volunteers to help with programs and nurses to help with health needs.

So I will post some camp photos just to remember that in four months that is what i will be writing about ha ha.
Don't worry I won't start counting down the weeks or days till it gets closer.

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