Friday, January 21, 2011

Emma's Birthday is This Weekend

I am awake at 3 am after sleeping so much. Emma is still sleeping. She would be at my side in a second if I needed to be but I told her it was okay to keep sleeping. Somehow she understands my words. I still don't feel very good and am glad no plans for Friday. Hope to be okay for the MS leadership conference and MS convention on Saturday. Will take it day to day.

Monday we did get out. Emma is just the best. I get so many compliments on her behavior, skills, and how good looking she is. Did you know her birthday is Sunday and she will be 8 years old. Yes, I have had her five and one half years. No wonder we are such a solid team and have such fun together.

Monday, there was no school for many students due to Martin Luther King Jr Day. So we encountered many curious children, parents, and grandparents (with grandchildren for the day) in our outings. We went to several stores with Greg. Like usual in my outings, I have time, so am glad to answer questions about Emma. Most common what can she do for you? Does she ever get to play and just be a dog?

I met someone with MS and her granddaughter. I was able to share lots of information about the MS support group, book club, and water exercise for people in the area. We also discussed how Emma helps me with MS. It is rewarding to share information with others.

Believe it or not, with all this sleep I am still yawning and ready to go back to bed.

Emma has been wonderful on this day I feel sick. how?
- she likes to get me the blanket
- will hand me the remote and/or phone if needed
- picks up things I drop
- cuddles up to me
- and I am sure other things to

I am so use to her in my life I forget how much I use her skills - but I don't take her presence for granted. Thanks Emma for being a great dog.

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