Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

This week flew by...Sunday? Already?

Book club Monday but didn't get the book "The Beet Queen Read". Misplaced paperbook, then found it and I guess I am hooked on the ipad ebooks and being able to enlarge to font I want. Just too much came up between my health, visits regarding my Aunt, and just life this month. I will still go to book club and see what they thought. Probably won't finish the book anyway...not this time.

Nice weather so Emma is loving getting outside. Also trips to Target, Sam's Club, the Nursing Home, Church, and Dr visits over past days. Good for us both to get out and about. I was tired today though after we got home at 4 and needed a long nap. Emma loves nap time. Still rushes into bed with me. Adusts "her" pillow just right and snuggles in with me. She is such a joy.

At church today a two year old we know had such fun laying on the floor and petting Emma. Her folks are friends and have a new born also. So nice to see them. Greg has a new boss and then the church a new pastor. He seems very nice and hospitable. Like his sermons. Busy time of year (isn't all year) for Greg as they prepare for the students coming back to the University for classes. He is a campus minister among other duties at the St. Lawrence Neuman Parish. Not my local parish but we go both places to church depending on his work schedule. Emma is welcome and known at both places. A kid magnet but also people are very respectful. Today most people were gone when we let Treva play by Emma.

Life is fragile. My Aunt is declining so. Not sure if she will plateau, improve or decline or what. Also have heard of so many deaths of people we know or friends of ours parents etc. Sure have to appreciate each day. I feel like we keep having to purchase sympathy cards the past few months.

Emma is doing good. Everyone is surprised if they ask her age and I say 8. She seems to be doing well. I think she sleeps a bit more but maybe because I have this summer ha ha. She still plays, has her favorite toys, and we love our fenced in yard. She is outside with Greg right now, playing while he grills a late dinner.

The second MS camp - Majestic Shores Resort is this week at Camp Courage. You can't go twice a year or we so would be there. Thinking of friends I know who are there and hoping they have a great time. I think nice weather for them. Hope it doesn't get too warm.

Amazed the MN State Fair starts this week. Don't think we will go due to Greg's work schedule and my stamina right now. We will see. Saving money also for a wedding in Duluth in Sept. A big Weinand destination weekend. Most of us hope to be there Fri - Sun or longer. Should be awesome.

Hope you are doing okay. Thanks for following us even when I miss some days. Will try to get some photos ready to add to blog. I received a dvd of photos from MS camp in May that were awesome to look at. i cried thinking how fun it is and of my friends battling this crazy disease of MS. We share a special bond. but couldn't figure out how to download single photos on my computer to share darn it.

Have a good week - Mary and Emma

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