Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hugs Are the Best

Rosa hugs are wonderful. This is with her Uncle Danny. The photo captures well how wonderful a hug is...we all need them. Emma hugs me back i think when I hug her. Need to see if somehow we can capture a picture of that?

My birthday was yesterday. My day included doctor appointments, the end of a agile pill latency test, and me feeling a bit tired and not up to par. Yet, I had a wonderful day all things considered. Emma was with me all day and Greg too. He took the day off long ago to do fun things with me. Well turned out to be a medical type day ha ha but he was supportive, always fun to be with, and it all went very well all things considered.

I am blessed by the love I get in life. Emma was there every moment of course. So cute she lays differently when I really feel crappy. Like she wants me to know she cares. She cuddles differently. Usually making sure her body touches mine whether in bed or on the love seat (well even if I feel great she does that). Just by her behavior, her eye contact, and body language you can tell she is very in tune with me. My doctors and nurses comment on this. Very obvious to Greg too and me too.

Greg is super supportive. We had planned to maybe have lunch with my son Mike, his wife Tia, and Sophia and Rosa. How fun that would have been. But turned out I felt like crap and didn't want to even eat much. Everyone willing to take a rain check on that. Only Greg could make coming home too chicken noodle soup, crackers seem like a special meal. Not because of the food eaten but because of his presence. He is the gentle and kindest person I have ever met. Also very able to go with the flow which is needed these days.

After the last Dr office appointment we took Emma to get nails clipped and get treats for her. Picked up medications from the pharmacy and yes I was pretty shot. I was so delighted he and my son made these plans. After a late nap I woke up to Rosa kisses. Yep indeed. They came to eat dinner. Dinner was just macaroni and cheese as Rosa and I loved it. Greg and Mike had leftovers.

Greg wished later I had a special meal. Guess what? I did. A most special meal. Catered to what I could handle. A cuddly fun Rosa, I could eat only a bit so glad there weren't lots of dishes or prep for Greg. I will celebrate with the other children another time. Emma was there all day. Okay as a birthday treat from me we even did a naughty thing. We gave her a litte mac and cheese. Boy she loved it.

Cute Rosa bought me a tiny owl stuffed animal from the zoo trip they made that day. For me to hug and think of her when I go to bed she said. We had fun playing with it and she got one for her too. Both live here she said so they don't get lonesome.

I am blessed. Today, home all day with Emma. We watched some movies, went outside, she helped with laundry, and I am on a mission to go through closets for items to donate to charity. Emma helped with that too - must I drop everything.

Tomorrow, Friday, I actually swallow a pill that has a camera in it for a camera endoscopy. One last test. I am amazed as it will take 56,000 pictures over 8 hours or my esophagus, and small intestines. Hope it uncovers something. IF not, not sure if my next move is a pain clinic or what. Can't imagine what other tests can be done. Thank God I have good insurance. A bit pricey but I am getting my money's worth out of it this year.

Not sure if I will write again before SAt. I like writing but wonder if sometime I will find there is no one reading anymore? Well in any case...have a great day from Emma and Mary

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