Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out and About

Emma and I are getting out more which is good.
She then gets more exercise too. Also nice for me that I feel better.
Today a bit of shopping and other errand tonight.
Today a dr appointment and all is fine.
Tomorrow tending to things for my Aunt.
Going through paper work and files to see what we need for records.
Will meet my sister there and visit my Aunt too.
They want a few peices of furniture moved to her private room
and wall photos too.
Not sure we will get that done tomorrow due to needing to plan to move it to a building in the complex that is like 4 blocks away.
Will need some muscle help to do that.
Very pleased with the staff caring for her in a new long term unit.

Keep those prayers coming please.
She actually still supports two churches (long story) church and choir participation very important to her since high school.
Contacted them and they are going to each send a regular visitor for her. Also let some of her friends know she is there.
Yeah for that. She is still declining and we want to cheer her with visitors. She is in no pain though.

She loves when I bring Emma as do any of the people we see. Emma is so great we visit the people sitting outside by the door there is a patio type thing on our way in. Just short but they love it. Also the people she lives by or we greet in the halls. She is great at it - was for my mom too. Even when my Aunt is confused or frustrated stroking Emma is good for her. Then she tells me all about a dog she had when she was a child. she loves to talk about the old days.

Hope I write more but days have been busy. Friday eye doctor appointmen and not sure what else. Home for the holiday weekend unless we go pack things for my Aunt. Just not sure yet.

Thanks for checking this blog. I just can't get to it daily right now. Emma is camera shy. Tried to get some great photos and then she moves to fast or i tremor and ruin the picture.

Realize it was 6 years ago in late Sept that I met Emma.
Everyone asked me what she looked like after I met her and found we would be matched.
I said just like any yellow lab.
Well now I would never say that.
I have bad dreams lately - my nightmare is we get parted.
Then people bring me yellow labs and insist it is her.
I know by looking at it that it indeed is NOT my Emma.
Then i wake up so glad it was a dream.
She is so unique to me - body language, eyes, everything and her reaction to me.
No she is not just like any yellow lab.

Emma thanks for helping me and comforting me. She makes every minute of every darn day and night better.
Thanks Judy, Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers and Supporters,

Have a good week and weekend.. Mary and Emma

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