Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emma's Surprise

We have been home and boring days.

Today desperate, rode along to Greg's work. He was doing some work during a wedding. With my cough we stayed clear of the celebration in the church and Emma and I were in his office. She loves it there and rested quietly. So quietly I never noticed she left the room.

She joined the wedding reception line down the hall in the gathering space. She blended right it. At the brides side!! Greg didn't even know she was there at first. The bride took it in stride and yeah loved dogs. No we did not know the bridal couple at all. It all turned out well.

I still am so surprised this happened. No idea why she wandered away instead of being glued to me like usual.

the excitement of the day. I did some computer work the few hours he was there. Still coughing up a storm off and on due to this sinus crap. Nice weather though so we did get outside. Otherwise, resting.

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend.

Wonder if Emma got in any wedding pictures? usually when she is an invited guest to weddings we find we are in the photos

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