Thursday, August 25, 2011


Emma and I were back at MS Water Exercise class today. That was so good for my body and my spirit. Emma didn't mind at all. Great to get out of the house, exercise and see friends. Great weather today so we were outdoors when home. Emma is tired tonight.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, we (Emma and I) babysat my granddaughters. Fun to be with Sophia 11 already and Rosa age 4. Rosa has so much pep. We had a great time. Emma seems to like their dog Lily. She cries when we pull up to their house and can't wait to get out of the car. She was very good there.

Not a lot new to report. Sorry I am not blogging as much anymore. Need to take some photos to jazz this blog up. Also now that I am feeling better we will hopefully do more and have more to talk about. Hope so.

These are old pictures but maybe you didn't all see them. I found them fun to look at again.

Have a great day Friday and Awesome weekend.

Mary and Emma

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