Saturday, August 6, 2011

For Sale: Food Dish

Dear Emma

This has been one of my favorite pictures
Regular readers have seen it before
There is a reason I selected it to use tonight.

You are making me NUTS tonight
It is about that food dish
Seriously, you have an issue here.

This is the dish that we used when you came from Helping Paws
Even then you loved to carry it around after eating.
Over the years the issue has increased
You just can't handle using this dish!!!!!!!!

When we use this dish
(Just recently found again under my bed?)
You just look at it and want to eat
Eat and Eat
You won't leave it alone
If I put it in sight like on a counter
You seem to know it is there

Greg must have used it to feed you tonight
I had a late nap while he took the the granddaughters home
Well waking up to the dish being dumped on my face
Not fun

We use other dishes and you are fine.
We gave up years ago using an identical one for water
You would pick that up and spill water if you couldn't fine
the food dish.

You are so silly.
Greg prefers you use this dish and I don't know why
I think you like it too
But every time it happens

Clearly it is a good way for you to show me you are hunger
You can throw it down the steps to make it clash bang and then go get it
You can bring it to me non stop
Throw it on my lap gently or quickly
Clearly this is not the dish we can use.

On the other hand you are lucky
Wish there was simply one dish I could move out of sight
To stop me from eating too much
Actually I am trying hard to eat less and healthy
But loosing weight not easy for me
Wish I could run around the yard like you.
Wish I could eat just one kind of food
Have you measure it for me
And stay trim like you do.

I am not complaining Emma
I'm just saying
You and Greg and I have to talk
I think the dish can't be use
Unless clearly hidden between meals.

But if that is the biggest problem of this day
Well my goodness what a great day it has been.

You were wonderful at the Smurf movie Emma - you like movies
You are terrific with the granddaughters

Most of all when we are alone
Like we are at t his moment
you give me support, help, cuddles, sloppy kisses

Okay but the food dish thing...not so fun.

Love you Emma, can't imagien how I coped without you


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