Saturday, September 3, 2011

Emma Is Staying Busy

Friday - the Green eyed dog ha ha went with us to Eye Dr. It took awhile for both Greg and I to be examined and select glasses. AT the end Emma snoozed. We thought so darling in the corner, sunlight, and by eye glass ad sign. She is great, did errands too. Pharmacy, haircut, groceries, a much needed day as it included a four hour nap. MS friends may understand how mega naps sometimes vital.

Saturday = Made some treats to try to send to my son in SF. Hope they ship okay we will see. Also will share with other kids. May see my daughters a bit today working on my Aunts Apartment and taking a few things out of there to distribute. MS is such a good reason to not have to move items myself. I can pack though and sort. Will only go a few hours though so I don't get too tired. Then I feel almost ill.

Walking - my legs seem heavier. Am starting to break in my orthodic shoes, have orthodics themselves due to diabetes issues. Hey insurance covers it for diabetics once a year and one pair of shoes too if you need it. The shoes not like grandma wore ha ha. You would never ever know - cute tennis. Long run hope to help feet as i have such little feeling there diabetes and maybe MS too. They think diabetes neuropathy for sure.

Brace= Well that Dr qualified to evaluate my walking in general. Saw foot drop that explains some of my falling and stumbling issues. Not uncommon with MS. So starting on my first leg brace. Pretty light. So weird to get use to though. He says a few days and I won't notice at all. Not heavy just helps manuever my foor so my leg movement actually helps lift the toes. He thinks both also will help balance issue too. Anyway one coworker at Greg's work said bluntly "What is that on your leg? You are going to where THAT the rest of your life????????????????? Well knowing her we had to chuckle but a bit sobering. You slowly get use to it. A few hours each day adding hours. May need it adjusted a bit. But hey if I don't fall, don't break a hit, have better balance I am all for it. Right?

My Aunt settling in as best she can. She always so pleased to see Emma and us too. The other residents too so Emma now is a bit of a therapy dog too i guess. She sure brings smiles. At her former apt we are working on the people we see in lobby or halls all know Emma already and greet her/us.

think tomorrow is just church and home. ... Have a great weekend. Mary and Emma

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