Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

No picture - maybe tomorrow>

Sleepy restful day today.

Emma we are going to nursing home tomorrow to cheer Aunt Betty and others.
She handles it well, small unit so should go well.
Then to work on the apt and sorting closets and storage space.

Yeah so cool not even 70 today so fun outdoors.
In 70s all week I guess.
Trying to get lots done on the apartment by Sat
But will have to rest too.

Emma is the best
Gets me outdoors
Snuggles with me.
Just means the world to me.

In 18 days my son from San Francisco coming home for Weinand Wedding will be great too see all my children, their spouse and grandchildren together for fun weekend. Just can't wait. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course outdoors with me Emma does not need pack or leash in fenced yard but cute picture. In our yard so active between her movements and my tremor blurred photos only. One day in past weeks it was so so hot hot. So i carried pack but not on her. Well we stopped to eat after working on apt. Forgot to put it on but attached to my purse. Hostess says you don't need to have it on her it is obvious she is a workign dog. So often people tell us she is one of the best, or the best behaved they have ever seen. That thrill me.

Have good day Monday - Labor Day and we will be working hard.

Mary and Emma

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