Monday, September 12, 2011

Fond Memories of My Great Aunts

Emma and I are busy with things regarding my Aunt. Well one of the fun things of it all is going down memory lane as I look at photos. This one was actually sent by Arvid and Maybelle with the glasses is his Mother and My Great Aunt. Great in every sense of the word. And her sister in law Freida. Look at all those eggs!

We have survived on the one day on and one day off plan. One day actively doing things like sorting or packing up her apartment and the next day more quiet things home if possible. My own laundry, paper work etc. Emma has been super through it all. We were home most of the day today and got in a big nap and time outdoors.

I found the papers from Oct 10, 2005 when i began training with Emma. I met her I think a week or two before that. Gosh I treasure Emma. May find some fun quotes from those days to share.

Most things all wrapped up for my Aunt as far as closing her apartment. She is too confused to know we had to do that. Her new room has touches of home including her photos from the past and lots of cards friends and family sending. wow was i tired today as they moved things out on Sunday. I just helped with easy things and sat but still tired from it all.

Now back to time to blog, share more about Emma and so on. Will see my Aunt of course but have time to get back to my normal routine. Seem to have a cold and bad cough brewing so have to really get more rest too. Won't help anyone if I am sick.

Emma is the greatest do ever. Thanks to you who have stayed with me, or check the blog now and then.
Have a great day

In the closet tucked away we found my Grandma's those full ones worn here. Boy I loved her my Grandma -
Mary and Emma

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