Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Team Partner Emma

With me needing more help these days,
Emma is so at my side.

Monday on the way to the doctor she would not go out the door with Greg.
I had to hold the leash and be with her.
He could not get her to leave the van out his side door, she insisted on waiting on my side of the car.
She would not walk with him to a grassy spot even when we knew she had to go to the bathroom
She kept her eye on me every second.
It worked out fine.
she is so great.

I feel a bit better today.
Rested a lot but we did fold some laundry even.
Emma is so happy to help with that task.
She is a super dog.

More later or Wed but I am okay just trying to be patient till I can walk better again and am stronger.
But today was an okay day.

I love you Emma - you brighten my days. Mary

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