Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emma Night or Day

Hi All,
Have had a rough week with MS problems. So no blogging. Lots of rest for Emma and I. I am having to rest and sleep most the time. NOt able to do much. Today felt a bit better. Glad for that. have a bad sinus infection and they wonder if that is what is causing MS symptoms to flare up...

Anyway Emma is with me night and day
Sleeping most the time but up at this late hour for a bit
Emma gets right up with me
Always there to help
Always there to provide comfort
Always always my wonderful Emma

thank you Emma for being part of my life
Thanks for helps with the ups and downs.

Thanks Judy, thanks Helping Paws staff, volunteers and supporters.
For my wonderful Emma.

Sad to hear Judy's father passed away. Our love and prayers are with her and her family.
Judy was Emma's foster mom...

Going to try again to sleep = Mary and Emma

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