Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Gift of Animals - Shared Stories.

Wind.........wow it is windy and now rain may come overnight but not sure where. Emma is not happy with the wind. I took her outside and she did not want to stay out long. I have just a few windows open and that is all she can handle. It will be getting much cooler so I am closing up a little bit. She sure lets me know how she feels...her behavior and facial expressions show me what she is thinking...or so I think. i watch her tail too.

I remember in training Eileen asking me what the dog was feeling/thinking. It was one of our first trips outdoors in downtown Hopkins. I felt baffled and confused and scared. I had not a clue. Now I would know for sure. Sometimes I feel like we can read each others minds.

At the YMCA we go to the MS Water Exercise Class. The Mn Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society sponsors it. We pay a fee but it is much less than to join as a member. Well my driver is the woman who teaches the class. She also sets up and takes down the equipment we use. Well I was done changing to go home long before she was today. Due to my back I could not handle the full class. i really had to take it easy though what I did felt just great.

So while waiting in the Lobby area we met such interesting people. Often there are older people who participate in a program there for seniors. They love to tell me (and Emma) about their dogs past and present and other stories. We met a new gentlemen today that I had not seen before. I delighted in hearing his stories. His kind eyes twinkled as he told me about his past dogs.
Many we meet are in positions where they don't have pets due to living situations.

He told us of his pet dogs. Of a cat who came in and jumped on his owners in the night and would not go away. It was a friend of his - turns out the house was on fire and the cat saved their lives. My father-in-laws dog alerted him to a kitchen fire when he was alone and very ill due to cancer. He got out and it saved him from smoke inhalation problems. He also told us of a horse that came on the farm when he was young - it pestered them till they followed him and found another horse in medical need and laying on the ground. It saved the horse's life.

Thank you Emma - for the interesting people we meet. They are curious about Emma but then like to share there stories. Normally at the YMCA we have time to listen. What special people and animals there are in this world.

Emma also alerted me again to low blood sugar...way to go Emma.

Have a good evening/day Mary and Emma

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