Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 days till we go to Majestic Shores Resort/ MS Camp

We have had many gray rainy days. Tomorrow we hope for sunshine. Camp is around the corner so we hope for good weather. It is predicted to be in the 70's and sunny.

these are pictures of the tree in blossom in my yard. Taken before rain and wind took the fragile blossoms. Spring in MN can be so colorful with lilacs, bloosoming trees and early flowers. I guess that anticipation helps us through the long winter. Thought it would be fun to share the pictures.

I have made my list of what to bring and started packing. I will do more tomorrow. I think we will be home all day. My granddaughters will likely be here for a few hours or longer in the early evening, late afternoon. There are a variety of things to do Saturday.

We went to water exercise today and then to visit a friend in the nursing home. She is in hospice and it is tough to watch her slowly go down hill while they struggle with pain issues due to cancer. She has lived a long full night and they are trying hard to ease the suffering. She really enjoyed that Emma came with us. Emma placed her head on the bed so Jeanne could pet it a bit and then dropped to the floor to rest while we visited. It was really good that we visited though she mostly listened. I wish I drove and got there more often. We hope to go back in a week or so after we get back. A friend took us over.

Emma brought so many smiles to the workers and patients at the nursing home. She let one woman gently pet her. Most understood she was a working dog. One little woman just couldn't resist I guess.

I wish you all health and a good day on Friday. We apologize for days we forget to write or are so fatigued. May your weekend also be good.

Emma and Mary

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