Wednesday, May 5, 2010

11 days till

Eleven days until 2010 Majestic Shores Resort!!
Brr today is 50 and windy. Okay it is MN and we have been spoiled in March and April by terrific weather.
Now it is May. I just want nice weather (65 and above) at camp. Oh please...but we will have fun no matter what the weather. Having a bit of trouble locating my rain jacket though - did I leave it somewhere??? Less than two weeks to get ready.

We are looking at the packing list, activity schedule, and info packet sent to us. The schedule includes a more relaxed schedule than in the past. There will be crafts, a chance to tie dye hats, swimming, (in a pool), fishing, pontoon rides, a cooking clsss, miniature golf. spa morning, and more. Think of us at the campfire, or in case of rain a movie, playing games like scrabble, or maybe playing croquet. It should be a blast. There is even a Toga Dance. Now I will likely be the one NOT in a toga but plain clothes.

It is a special time with MS friends but all with Emma. She sleeps with me on a "single" yep "single bed". Cozy but we manage just fine. In addition to the other activities I take her for a nature walk in the morning, mid day and evening. Time to get away from people and enjoy the sights and smells (for her) of a walk in the woods. Paved for my scooter but teaming with beautiful birds, trees, wild flowers, and little critters.

Doesn't it sound wonder filled? It is just a great time and fun for all. You have to be willing to sleep in a room with 3-4 others and share bathrooms. But the cabins are clean and nice and warm enough if it rains or is cold. There is a gas fire place also.

Gosh writing this makes me even more excited if that is possible.

Okay MS friends who are also attending, are you packed yet? I have planned what to take but not packed yet.

It should be darn fun and one of my favorite times of the summer.

Hope you are making some summer fun plans.

Emma and Mary

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