Sunday, May 2, 2010

14 days and we will be at the MS Resort.

Emma stayed home alone several hours yesterday (SAT). We went to birthday party for my Aunt and there just wasn't room for a dog too. The results - Emma did fine. I missed. However when we got home she was so full of energy. She had slept I suppose and was raring to go. We however were ready for bed. I played with her and took her outside and eventually we went to bed.

Today we were together all day. My back is still sore but not as bad. I was so tired and might be getting a cold I think. It was a very windy but nice day. Today was the MS walk. My scooter does not offer enough support for me to ride it with a bad back issue. I hope it went well. Greg also worked today so there was no one available for me to take my scooter. Maybe it will work out better next year. Glad it didn't rain on them.

The MS Majestic Shores Resort (I think that is the right name) former called MS Camp is in Two weeks. I plan to go with Emma. It is such a good time to meet up with old friends and make new friends. Emma and I love it but it tires us out. I love this picture from camp last year. They do plan in times for relaxation of course, you are free to "nap" as needed. This year it will be less scheduled with free time options. I will let you know how we like it. It continues to be held at Camp courage. The new name reflects a more relaxed schedule etc. We will see how different it feels when we get there.

I have a dog waiting to go outside. Have a good day.

Mary and Emma

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