Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glad to Be Home

Tuesday - We went to water exercise and at early evening a support/education group for Women's Heart Health. Emma is so glad to be home. She raced outside in the rain to do her duty. Came in and got a treat. Than ran around like a puppy - so glad to be home and off duty.

The scenary at The MS - Majestic Shores Resort was beautiful. The weather too. Top that off with days and evenings with special friends both new and old. Very good for us. Also was helpful to be all week with people who understand the ups and downs of MS. Lots of time sharing how we cope, talking about other topics, laughing, and doing activities.

Will share some photos next posting.

Mary and Emma - feels good to be back in our routine at home though. We missed Greg a lot and he missed us.

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