Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Sophia and Rosa,

You can't possible comprehend how much you mean to me.
I love being your grandmother.
I love time with you.
I love reading to you.
I enjoy listening to your stories.
Every moment I spend with you - I cherish

Time flies by and you are growing
Don't grow too fast ha ha
And hopefully the time won't pass too quickly
I want to enjoy every precious second with you.

Schedules are such that I can't always see you
As much as I would like.
Well you see, I would like to see you every day.
I know you are busy at school, with friends
and most of all with your wonderful Mother,
Father, and Mikey
That's how it should be.
You are a family.

Thank you both for your affection
For your love
For your enthusiasm for life.
All of those things brighten my world in so many ways.

You are good to Emma too.

I love you two so much
I hope someday you get to be a mother and grandmother
Then you might get a glimpse of why I love you so much.

This mothers day bless you.
May God Bless your wonderful mother
Who has taken time to raise such
special in so many ways girls.

On this Mother's Day I am filled with gratitude.
To have you two in my life.
For your kind mother.
And for my children.

My heart is very full and I am blessed.

Grandma Mary

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