Tuesday, May 4, 2010

12 more days

Let's hope for Great Weather!!! when we go to MS Resort. I can't wait to go. Emma enjoys it too. Things we enjoy:

!. Nature walks on the paths
2. The smells and sights on those walks - especially the smells (Emma)
3. The greeting of new and old friends
4. The attention i get from Tanya (Emma knows her well)
5. Tanya helps out if I need it with Emma. (ie. if I go on a boat ride due to space the dogs aren't allowed)
6. The fun activities with friends.
7. The chatting and catching up with campers on what has happened over past months or year.
8. The camp fire -
9. The lake
10. Swimming in the pooll (not Emma)
11. The birds, the sun, the beauty of camp courage.
12. The time away from the daily routine.

That is such a special time with Emma. No housework to worry about. I try to leave my anxieties and worries at home.

Off to water exercise - Mary and Emma
Have a great day.

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