Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trying to do photos almost every day...will add later

Dear Emma,
Gosh is it hot!  Even you did not end up outside long with me.  We both came in panting like we had exercised.  Oh my goodness.  I think hot tomorrow also.
Thank you for how well you are handling the visitors that come in for home healthcare.  Funny in just a few visits you seem to remember the people who enter.  Will be a few more weeks I think.
One issue is to see if you can help me a bit more with dressing.
Helping Paws will get a call to remind me how to do this on my bad days.  Still when I can will have Greg help too.

You are fun Emma.
I found some toys we haven't used for awhile and that was fun for both of us.
Throwing a toy for you to fetch, petting you,  is again a form of therapy for my arm use.  They are weaker again.
What a great way to exercise my arms and it is fun for both of us.  what a jewel you are.

My niece Joni lost her dog Annie who was only age 7 and looks almost identical to you.
I cried for her when she told me via the internet about how hard that was for her family.
She reminded me to give you extra TLC and of course I did.
How fragile life can be I am learning again this year for people and for pets dog.
Of course you are more than a pet - you are truly a beloved friends,  partner,  who loves me unconditionally.
Thanks for how you enrich my life.

Tomorrow we head out to a Dr appt that has to be out of house though it will be hot.
Metromobility will take us.  So we will get out of the house though boy it will be hot again.

YOu have never been much to want to use a pool I have for you.
Sometime soon a friend of mine and her dog Molly will come over.
Molly is a Golden and loves the pool.   We are wondering if with her example you will like it or not?
You do like lakes but I don't get there often and not this summer at all I think.

Thankyou Emma for all you do for me.
I bet you can help more with dressing but I never needed it.
We will see though often Greg can help me...still fun to see things you show me you can do.
Even now you amaze me as you are doing things you knew and yet I didn't need.
I think saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks is incorrect.

You never forgot all you knew.  Just I have ha ha.
Cognitive therapy helping me also.
Love you Emma.   Mary

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