Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Emma,

It is Friday - yeah.  So funny even though I haven't worked for 12 years I like the weekend also.  I guess because others are off or more available.   Thanks for being so great today.  Wasn't it fun to watch Charlie who was one years old to play today.  You like children.  We both slept better so being outside was easier too.  Thanks Emma for being attentive. You are so cute.  Greg was going to take you with on an errand so you would get some exercise in an air-conditioned store.  But I was with someone unfamiliar to you,  a physical therapist here and you would not go.  Not at all.  Secretly I am glad you stayed anyway.  Love cuddling with you when we are alone.  Thanks Emma for being there night and day.  Let's hope we both sleep tonight also.   Love you Mary

Photo is of your great bed.  Boy are you fortunate.  We want you comfortable.

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