Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Emma,
 The graduation pictures from October 2005

We both had darker hair,
I was skinnier,  both of us younger.
Now you and I are wiser,  calmer
more in a rhythm with 
each other.

Thanks for this gentle day.
You were awesome as they came for home health care
You greet those at the door with a toy
To show off how well you retrieve.
Only dog lovers allowed to care for me.
For us.

You then so nicely wait and watch
You know just the spot where you don't loose track of me
Right there almost dozing if you get comfortable
But eyes read to open in an instant
in case I need anything.

I assure you with the professionals
and a wonderful friend from Church
that now is familiar to you,
that all is okay as they enter.

Yet even as they care for me
Or visit with me
You are right there ready and able to help.
They all admire you.

Oops and today yes we educated one more
nurse about what a service dog can do.

They leave and you are eager to be alone with me
We had some relaxing times outside
But also indoors.
Both tired since I didn't sleep well last night.

Time for bed my angel,   time to cuddle up again with me
Sometimes I get lonely but then often I am not.
I have you
Somehow in all you taught me
You have also taught me to be more at peace 
with myself,  
with my limitations and abilities.

I am blessed as you make just every day easier.
I promise tomorrow you will likely have more time outdoors.
Greg might be home early.
Physical therapist coming.

A young friend and her one year old.
And like every day you will make it awesome.
Thank you God for Emma

A special Birthday wish to Katie Michurski
She is 19 and cared for you in your first home.
I think of the cuddles she gave you
the play time and love of that home.
There love touched you and now through you touches me.
Isn't it wonderful how life works out...

I love you Emma,   Mary

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